What are Ombré Brows?

Ombré Brows is a semi-permanent makeup tattoo that gives a gradient effect to the brows, providing a soft powdery finish. The result mimics the appearance of more conventional brow makeup. 

How Long Will
 It Last?

Ombré Brows will last 1 to 3 years, depending on the client’s body, skin type, lifestyle, and proper aftercare.

Here are some examples that will cause your semi-permanent tattoo to fade faster:

  • Thicker Skin

  • Sun exposure

  • Exfoliants

  • Iron deficiency

Does It Hurt?

Pain levels vary from person to person. Numbing gel will be applied after the first pass (breaking the skin) on each brow and during the Ombré Brows procedure. 

How Long Does It Take to Heal?

It will take about 7 to 14 days for the brows to heal. Your brows will be richer and darker in colour in the beginning. But once the scabbing happens, you may experience the colour to fade. This is normal and the colour will resurface over time. 

It's recommended to wait at least 4 to 6 weeks to see the true colour (the colour will lighten by 30 to 50%) of the fully healed brows. Be aware that the colour will vary quite a lot during the healing process before reaching the final colour that you agreed upon with your Artist.

Healing Expectation

The healing rate differs from one person to another. During the healing process, you will typically expect these following:

  • Freshly done brows will appear dark and much thicker than expected for the first few days and will gradually fade about 30 to 50%.

  • During the healing phase, expect scabs to happen. This will last 7 to 14 days for them to peel off. 

  • Some skin may retain colour better than others, so we cannot guarantee a precise effect or colour. 

The image shown below is a sample of how the healing process looks. Again, the healing process varies per person. During the healing phase, you will have a coaster of emotions as your brows takes multiple forms during it's healing stage. It's important to trust the process and patiently wait until your brows have fully healed.

    Additional Touch-Up(s)

    As your brows will begin to heal during the initial session, the intensity and thickness will fade, and the desired colour shade will start to appear.

    No complimentary touch-up is included but if you feel an additional touchup is needed to fill in any areas needing correction or modifications, you can book under Additional Touchup with a $150 fee applied. These touchups must be scheduled within the 4 to 6 weeks  timeframe after the initial session. Anything beyond the timeframe will be charged as an annual touch up. 

    Eyebrow Correction 

    If you had your brows previously done by another Artist and/or your brows end up turning to a greenish/blueish or orange/red colour over time, you will be required to have an eyebrow correction, which is an extra $50 from the regular price of Ombré Brows. The initial session may and must be a complimentary colour to neutralize your brows.   

    Please keep in mind, you must have 50% or more of the semi-permanent tattoo faded for this procedure. Otherwise, you must have a saline removal done before attempting to receive an eyebrow correction.

    This procedure is a process. If you are required to neutralize your brows prior to adding the desired pigment, multiple sessions may be required, and you will be charged for the extra fees.


    Ombré Brows is suitable for most clients of all ages and lifestyles. However, it depends on your overall health, medical conditions, and skin quality. These need to be taken into consideration for the safety and best possible outcome of the semi-permanent tattoo. To ensure if you are a good candidate for the procedure, you MUST NOT have the following:

    • Under 18 years of age

    • Transmittable blood conditions like HIV or Hepatitis 

    • Active skin cancer/disease such as psoriasis, eczema, and undiagnosed rashes or blisters on the site that is to be treated.

    • Pregnant/breastfeeding

    • Use steroids/ hormone therapy

    • Use of Accutane/Retin-A or Latisse

    • Healing disorder

    • Keloid scarring

    • Diabetes

    • Prescribed blood thinners

    • Hemophiliac

    • High blood pressure

    • Undergoing chemotherapy

    • Epileptic

    •  Allergies to makeup or colours

    Whilst the above list is by no means exhaustive, it will give you a good idea of the types of contraindications relating to semi-permanent makeup. For some of the above, you may proceed with the treatment with only a written authorization from your Doctor before we can proceed. Please do your research to verify if you can proceed with the treatment or not. 

    You know your health condition better than anyone else. If the above list does not provide any conditions you may have, verify with your Doctor and email us prior to booking.

    Pre-Treatment Procedures

    • Avoid any supplements or medications with blood-thinning effects such as Advil, Midol, Fish Oil, Ibuprofen, Vitamin E, etc. for a week leading up to the appointment as it may increase pain sensitivity and excessive bleeding.

    • Avoid alcohol and caffeine 24 hours before the appointment as it can affect excessive bleeding.

    • No sun tanning/excessive sun exposure, brow waxing, tinting, microdermabrasion, derma planning, laser treatment, and chemical peels 2 weeks prior to the procedure.

    • No facial 4 weeks before the procedure.

    • No Botox/filler around the brow area 4 weeks prior to the procedure.​

    Post-Treatment Procedures

    • Apply the given ointment 2 to 3 times a day for up to 7 to 10 days of recovery.

    • Do not touch, pick, peel, or pull the dry flaky/scab on your brows as it may lead to irritation, infection, and uneven or loss of pigment and/or scarring.​

    • Do not apply makeup on the brows while it is healing.

    • Do not expose brows to sun tanning/excessive sun exposure, microdermabrasion, derma planning, laser treatment, and chemical peels until the area has healed.

    • No facials or other face beauty treatment is done for a week.


    It is important to take note that as time passes, your semi-permanent tattoo will begin to fade. Thus, touch-up is beneficial to maintain the desired shape and colour of your brows. Normally, a touch-up is recommended every 1 to 2 years.

    Touch-up prices are for existing clients only.