What Type of Nail Services Do You Offer?

We currently only offer gel (shellac) and bio gel with the option of a Russian manicure. Nail are designs are extra. Below gives a thorough description of each service. 

Gel (Shellac) - Similar to a nail polish but it sets / cures in a UV lamp like a gel. 

Bio Gel - A thick gel that overlays and sculpts (building the nail up for length) the nails. It also sets / cures in a UV lamp. For support, extensions are applied underneath before laying the bio gel.  

Russian Manicure -
A manicure that consists of using an electronic filer to remove the extra cuticle under the nail bed, along with cuticle nippers, and cuticle pushers. 

Nail Art Designs - Designs starts at $2 a finger. The list goes from marbles, rhinestones and charms, foils, stickers, freestyle, etc.

Nail Lengths

If you book for bio gel with with extensions, you have three size options: short, medium, and long. 

Nail Shapes

We offer a variety of shapes such as square, coffin, stiletto, oval, and almond. 

How Long Will It Last?

On average, gel nails last two to three weeks, depending on proper aftercare. 

How Often Can I Get a Fill

As gel nails only last two to three weeks, it's important to schedule your fills within those weeks to maintain a full set of nails.

Booking beyond three week will be considered as a new set and removing the previous gel nails will be extra. 

Foreign fills will not be accepted. You will be required to have a new set and full removal.

Nail Fix

If your nails have chipped or popped off, free nail fix will be provided within a week (7 days) after receiving the service. Anything beyond the one week timeframe will be charged $5 per nail. 

Does It Hurt?

As gel relies on UV light to cure, you will feel a slight burning sensation. This exothermic reaction happens as the friction of the molecules moves around in the gel and find another molecule to bond / cure with. 

Nail Removal

Professionally remove the enhanced nails at the cost of $30. This includes nail trimming and nail strengthener.

If you plan to receive a new full set as an existing client, $15 will only be charged. Please make sure to inform the Artist when booking for the full set to provide enough time for your appointment. 


A patch test can be done at least 48 hours before your appointment. If you choose to waiver the test, the Artist is released from liability. You will not receive a refund if a reaction occurs for compensation of material and time have done.