Alison Siaotong Studio is always looking for models for various permanent makeup techniques. This includes Ombré Brows, Dark Lip Neutralization and Lip Blush. 

As a model, you will be in great hands with the Artist as she is certified in the services provided and has learned extensive knowledge, skills, and techniques used in the art of permanent makeup to better enhance your natural beauty. 

Requirements to be a Model

Please read below to see if you are eligible. 

  • Age between 18 to 35 years old
  • Not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • No major health concerns
  • Nice skin (normal/dry skin, small pores, and no breakouts)
  • Virgin skin on what is to be treated (no previous permanent makeup work)
  • Not PICKY

Expectations of being a Model

As model, you will be expected to:

  • Willingly have photos and videos of the treated area to be used for advertising purposes.
  • Required to lay down for a long period of time due to the numerous photos/ videos being taken throughout the whole procedure.
  • Make a review (not necessarily) on my google or Facebook page.  

If you are considering a permanent makeup procedure but are unsure what the contraindications are, please click the FAQs Page and search the service you would like to book for more information. 

Model Cost

The regular pricing of Ombré Brow, Dark Lip Neutralization and Lip Blush services are $300 with a complimentary touch up included. 

As a model, you will only be paying $160.  A complimentary 4 to 8 weeks touch up will also be included.

If multiple sessions are required, an additional $60 will be charged per session. This may and will be mandatory to see the final result of the area to the treated (mostly for Dark Lip Neutralization).    


If you are still interested and meet the eligibility requirements, please fill out the Model Application Form below.

We will shortly contact you for further information and how to book online, with a given discount code.

We reserve the right to refuse the offer at any time.


Full payment will be made under a valid debit or credit card online through this site under the Booking Page.